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I'm joining a brilliant list of teachers, researchers and expert speakers for the Understanding and Promoting the Mental Health and Wellbeing of Young People conference, hosted by Critical Agendas.

The conference presents a broad range of topics related to mental health including resilience, trauma, technology and relationships, across practice and policy.

The target audience for the conference includes primary, secondary and support staff working in schools and youth health and wellbeing.

My workshop, Rethinking Risk, Social Media and Mental Health, will address exactly that: risk, social media and health, for secondary teachers.

For many students, distress and isolation are part of their everyday experiences of mental ill-health and social media. Supporting these students requires teachers to acknowledge the diversity of their experiences and what social media may afford them, without stigmatising or adding to their social isolation.
I will provide participants with new teaching frameworks and strategies for responding to mental health challenges and ‘risky’ social media practices, for both classroom groups
and individuals. Drawing on over 10 years of experience in community and mainstream education settings, her work in the adolescent inpatient unit with the Austin Hospital School, and her current PhD research, Natalie will lead participants through case studies of online content related to self-injury, suicide and other health issues on platforms such as Instagram and Tumblr. 

The conference runs over two days, and registration starts at $399 for one day.

You can download the flyer to learn more about the conference or register here